The pleasure of a private flight

A plane dedicated entirely to you is ideal for those who need to work or rest in the greatest comfort even while traveling, with the assurance of enjoying a safe flight and having at your disposal a highly qualified crew.

The freedom to choose schedules and destinations, that might not be covered by airlines makes this kind of travel an extremely flexible solution, especially for:

  those who need to travel to numerous destinations while optimizing time and costs or need to conduct roadshows that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to organize;

  companies who wish to transport several passengers at the same time for meetings, conventions or other events;

  those who need to return quickly and safely from foreign locations in critical situations or emergencies;

  those who dream of giving someone an unforgettable gift.

Executive Jets

Traveling on an executive jet means having a private plane with between 4 and 19 seats at your disposal, with the freedom to choose the departure schedule based on your personal needs in order to travel without wasting time or needing to compromise.

The cabin is for your exclusive use, ideal for working or relaxing, and personalized catering is available upon request.

Constant assistance is provided from departure until your arrival at the airport.


For 20 or more passengers we have at our disposal large airliners, which, if necessary can provide seating for over 300.

These are particularly suitable for business trips to meetings or conferences but are also available for institutions , associations,, sports teams or groups of friends.


This kind of aircraft offers great liberty, making it the ideal means for getting around quickly, reaching destinations that are otherwise hard to reach, enjoying panoramic trips and doing aerial filming.

This aircraft is also useful for transporting objects or merchandise and in certain areas can simplify long, complicated journeys by land.


We organize transfers with aircraft dedicated to the carriage of goods and special, dangerous
Cargo or voluminous cargo
. We can also make speedy deliveries with OBC (on board courier) services.

Reserve your flight

For information and flight requests we’re available 24/7 by way of:

  Phone:: +39 02 70200907



The Onair International team will promptly verify the feasibility of the flight and the availability of the aircraft, providing you with a detailed estimate of the costs and conditions of the offer, including flight programs, crew data and any other necessary technical specifications. 


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