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If you need to reach several destinations in a short amount of time, after a preliminary research and verification of the technical and operational feasibility of the program, we plan and monitor the entire itinerary step-by-step in close collaboration with our clients’ assistants. During each journey we coordinate the crews and any car and driver services arranged for at the various stops. With the mission to alleviate a stressful road show, we offer you the possibility to sleep on board or to continue to work without wasting precious time, all while having the option of using personalized catering services.

  Car and driver

Upon request we will hire a car, minivan or bus and a driver for your departure, arrival and the various stops on your itinerary. We can become a single reference point for all your transportation needs, thus simplifying each journey.

  On-board catering

On our flights you can enjoy meals of Italian and international cuisine accompanied by a wide selection of exquisite wines, Champagne and beverages to experience the pleasure
of fine dining even at high altitudes.

  Pet travel

When requesting your flight, if you indicate that you wish to travel with your dog or cat we can offer the most appropriate solutions to make the flight enjoyable also for your pet.
We will verify and notify you of all the regulations of the carrier selected and any applicable pet immigration procedures to be followed. You’ll no longer need to worry about your pet being transported on a baggage dolly, locked in a cramped crate and stored in the cargo hold. You’ll have your pet there in the cabin with you so it will never have to be alone.

  Hotels, tours and events

Let us plan your entire trip! We can reserve rooms at the finest hotels all around the world, find organized guided tours or hire a personal guide or interpreter for you. If you’re interested in events or performances, we’re at your disposal to purchase the tickets. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy your experience.

Reserve your flight

For information and flight requests we’re available 24/7 by way of:

  Phone:: +39 02 70200907

  Emaill: info@onairinternational.com

  Web: www.onairinternational.com

The Onair International team will promptly verify the feasibility of the flight and the availability of the aircraft, providing you with a detailed estimate of the costs and conditions of the offer, including flight programs, crew data and any other necessary technical specifications. 


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